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Ethos and values

Blackminster: the very best of primary and secondary education in a beautiful rural setting.

Mission statement:

We aim to provide a rich and vibrant curriculum designed around the academic and developmental needs of young adolescents.
We have the freedom, expertise and facilities to focus on years 6, 7 and 8, affording unrivalled opportunities for our pupils to lead, perform and shine.
Our creative, friendly specialist staff foster a family style and nurturing environment in which we know and value each child, allowing them to thrive and grow in our care.

Blackminster’s unique blend of nurture and challenge produces successful, ambitious, resilient World citizens with the attitudes and skills to enable them to make their mark on the future.
Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and we seek to instil these values into all our stakeholders.

Our core values are:

ASPIRE to be the very best you can and to fulfil your potential.

RESPECT all others and yourself.

COMMUNITY: understanding the importance of building and being a positive contributor to the school community and the wider community of Evesham town, of Britain and of the World.

Together, these values support EXCELLENCE. We want Blackminster Middle School to be a Community of Excellence through living the values of Aspiration and Respect.

This is our ARC of EXCELLENCE