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Design & Technology
The Design and Technology curriculum at Blackminster has been planned to promote analysis, evaluation and creativity. It is taught as a separate subject in purpose-built, well equipped rooms by specialist teachers and allows students to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life and employment in a fast changing world. Students are helped and encouraged to develop their imagination, sensitivity and creative responses to a wide range of creative and aesthetic experiences.

Throughout their time at Blackminster, students will work within the Resistant Materials and Food Technology areas of Design and Technology.

Within the Resistant Materials facet of the subject they are introduced to and guided in the use of workshop tools and machinery, working with a range of materials. They develop their small motor skills, identify and manage hazards to ensure that they are able to work safely, and evolve the confidence to work independently.

Graphic skills are also promoted to enable students to record, develop and communicate ideas clearly on paper in addition to supporting technical vocabulary so that they are able to express and describe and technical processes. Confidence to record and communicate ideas also allows students to flourish creatively with individual work and work positively and constructively in paired and group work, developing the cooperative and social skills needed when working as a team member in problem solving activities.