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Home/School Agreement
The Government requires that all schools establish Home/School Agreements. A copy of this agreement is sent home to all students. Parents/carers and students should sign the Home/School Agreement to say that they accept our expectations.

The school is expected to:

  • Provide high quality education appropriate to the needs of individual students.

  • Provide equal opportunities for all students.

  • Ensure the health and safety of all students.

  • Recognise and celebrate achievement for all.

  • Contact parents if there is a problem with attendance or punctuality.

  • Involve parents if there are concerns about work or behaviour.

  • Supply parents with information through grade reviews, reports, consultation evenings and newsletters.

  • Set, mark and monitor homework.

  • Ensure that students comply with the school's expectations and policies.

  • Encourage students to try hard and be the best they can be academically and socially.

Parents/Carers are expected to:

  • Support and take an interest in their child's education.

  • Encourage their child to aim for quality in all they do.

  • Congratulate their child on good achievements.

  • Ensure that their child attends school every day and on time, avoiding taking holidays in term time.

  • Inform the school immediately if their child is absent or late.

  • Read and sign the Student Diary each week.

  • Ensure that their child has the correct uniform and necessary equipment.

  • Communicate concerns and satisfactions to the school regularly; via the Student Diary or directly.

  • Support school policies.

  • Attend Parent / Teacher consultation evenings.

  • Keep the school informed about changes to names, telephone numbers or addresses.

  • Ensure that their child behaves in the correct manner when using school and public transport.

  • Support their child with regard to homework and extra-curricular activities.

Students are expected to:

  • Attend school regularly (aim for 100%), punctually and properly prepared for successful learning.

  • Comply with all school procedures, including wearing the correct school uniform.

  • Respect the school's environment and property, and the property of others
  • Behave in an orderly, considerate and purposeful way at all times.

  • Comply with the school's expectations at all times.

  • Use the student planner to record achievements, improve the quality of their work, set and review targets, record parental communications and homework/coursework.

  • Complete all classwork, homework and coursework to the best of their ability and on time.

  • Contribute fully to the life of the school - in class and especially the life of the House.

  • Value the school's citizenship programme including tutorial and House activities.

  • Share any concerns they might have with their parents/carers and/or their tutor.

  • Show respect for ALL adults and fellow students.

  • Use all facilities responsibly and follow the ICT acceptable use policy.

  • Behave sensibly on school transport and to wear a seatbelt when advised.