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Student Congress
Why do we have Student Congress?

At Blackminster Middle School we believe in the Triangle of Success between families, school and students. We seek to involve students and their parents and carers as widely and fully as possible in the decisions that affect our school. Student Congress is an important part of the system for ensuring that students have an established and effective way of getting their voices heard and views represented.

The Purpose of Student Congress

Blackminster Middle School's Student Congress has these key purposes:

• It demonstrates our commitment to running the school as a genuine partnership in order to benefit students.
• It is an opportunity for students to develop important life skills through initiating projects and solving problems.
• To be a means of raising attainment.

Aims of the Student Congress

• To develop partnerships that include all members of the school community.
• For students to explore and experience what it means to be a "good citizen" of their own community.
• To enable students to take an active part in school decision-making.
• For students to learn how to present a reasoned argument and to participate in decision-making structures.

Structure of the Student Congress

Blackminster Middle School's student congress is made up of six representatives elected by students (two from each Year Group); and the Head Boy and Head Girl, who are appointed by staff.

Meetings are held once every half-term, usually in the third week. Agenda items are circulated to Congress members in advance, so that they can collect views from their constituents before the meetings. Congress members are also expected to feed back to their constituents after meetings. Heads of Year and tutors are expected to give time in Assemblies and Tutor Times for this to happen. Notes from meetings will be made available on the BMS website.

Congress Meetings are attended by the member of staff with responsibility for Student Congress in an advisory capacity. Other members of staff or students may be invited to attend meetings when appropriate. Student Congress members will be asked to attend SLT meetings when appropriate to present the views of the student body and to take part in discussions.