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Merit System
At Blackminster Middle School we use a merit system called PRAISE. For each lesson that a student shows they meet all the PRAISE requirements, they will receive a PRAISE stamp in their student diary. These scores are counted up, and count towards House scores, as well as rewards such as discos and trips.

Below are the requirements for each part of the PRAISE system.

Students are prepared when they arrive at their lesson promptly, with all of the equipment they need and in a positive frame of mind for learning

Resilient students don't give up! They keep trying their best, especially when work seems hard, because they know that success comes through hard work.

The Students are active when they participate fully in lessons. Active students really join in so that they make the most of the opportunities available.

Students can work effectively on their own when required during their lessons.

Supportive students help each other to be the best they can be. They allow others to concentrate, and are kind and thoughtful when giving each other feedback.

Engaged students are the ones who are getting the most out of their experience. They are switched on and tuned in. They concentrate and try their best. They act on feedback to improve their learning.