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Physical Education

1. Intent

At Blackminster Middle School, we believe that Physical Education plays an important role in a pupils overall development. We encourage all pupils to engage in lifelong physical activity through a range of related roles.

The aims of PE are:

• To develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to be physically active and healthy later in life.
• To allow students to assess and evaluate their own and others work and develop plans to enhance performance and review progress.
• To enhance leadership skills by gaining a social awareness of working with pupils with a variety of different ability levels;
• To provide pupils with the opportunity to work with their peers and encourage them to demonstrate trust qualities;
• To develop the way in which children perform skills and apply rules for different activities;
• To develop a range of communication skills;
• Experience competitive sport by representing their house in regular house events twice every half term.
• The opportunity to engage in a multitude of extra-curricular physical activities, delivered by our PE Staff and specialist sports coaches.
• To provide a safe environment and promote learning about risk management, allowing the pupils to identify their responsibility in this, in order for them to participate independently in physical activity later in life.
At Blackminster, we believe in two key concepts: ‘Sport for All’ and ‘Every Child Matters’.

2. Implementation

Our PE curriculum is centred around the National Curriculum outcomes.

At Blackminster Middle School, we teach a broad range of activities to ensure the pupils have a varied experience in Physical Education. Each pupil is timetabled to receive two hours of curriculum time per week. Team Sports, Individual Activities and Inclusive Games are all incorporated into PE Lessons. Schemes of work have been created to meet the needs of all Key Stages. Planning is also informed by ongoing assessment (based around National Curriculum objectives) and in order to build upon prior learning. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities, build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect in our pupils.

Pupils usually study two different sports per half term in mixed ability classes. Implementing a range of differentiation strategies enables us to provide a suitable learning environment for all pupils.

KS2 pupils are encouraged and supported to play competitive games and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. Within Dance, Gymnastics and Athletics, pupils will develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance and perform using a range of movement patterns. They will be guided and encouraged to compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.

KS3 PE at Blackminster is designed to provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. During lessons, pupils will build on skills learnt in key stages 1 and 2, developing their competence and confidence. They will have the opportunity to use a range of tactics and strategies, develop their technique and improve their performance in a range of competitive sports, perform dances, and take part in outdoor and adventurous activities. These activities provide our pupils with intellectual and physical challenges encouraging teamwork, trust and problem-solving skills.

For all key stages, House activities run throughout the year in lesson time and all pupils are required to participate.

With the use of our KS3 Future Focus program, students cover topics relating to Anatomy and Physiology, History of Sport and can develop their leadership skills through our accredited Young Sports Leader Course. This sets our pupils for success when entering into KS4.

2.1. Health and safety

The general teaching requirement for health and safety applies in this subject and specific risk assessments have been created/reviewed. We encourage the children to consider their own safety and the safety of others at all times. Before leaving the changing rooms, students must remove earrings or studs, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings and any other item of jewellery in order to prevent injury to themselves or others. A valuables box is located in the PE Office to ensure the safety of these items. Students must also ensure that hair is tied up securely. In order to maintain high levels of personal hygiene, we will permit roll on deodorant. The use of aerosol sprays are not permitted for the health and safety of students.

Pupils who are unable to remove earrings are required to tape them. The taping should be sufficient enough to ensure that the stud post does not cause injury to the bone behind the ear should an unintentional blow be received. Staff are not required to remove or tape earrings for pupils.

We expect all pupils to change for PE into the agreed clothing. The school PE kit is as follows:

• Green and Black Blackminster Polo Shirt
• Green and Black Blackminster Shorts/Skort
• White sports ankle socks
• Blackminster Full Length House Socks
• Training shoes
• Shin pads
• Football boots
• Unisex Green and Black Blackminster Rugby Shirt
• Unisex Black Blackminster Sweatshirt (Non Hooded)
• Unisex Blackminster Trackpants
• Girls Blackminster Leggings
• A gum-shield is recommended for certain activities
• Hats and Gloves are permitted during cold weather.

It is important that all pupils change into footwear that is appropriate for the lesson and its location. All footwear should be of the correct size and correctly fastened.

Blackminster pupils will be encouraged to take responsibility for preparing and checking that their kit is present and fit for purpose.

All items should be marked with the owner’s name: iron-on initials are preferable.

Risk assessments for all activities have been completed. However, continuous risk assessments are carried out before and during all activities, identifying and responding to unforeseen issues. These will be carried out by the qualified teacher in charge of the lesson and subject to their expertise and experience.

2.2 Expectations

If students forget their kit, they will be expected to borrow spare kit from the PE Department. Upon borrowing an item, the students will be required to trade in their tie, which will be returned once the borrowed items are handed back. Failure to attend with kit twice per half term will result in a 10-minute lunch time detention with a member of the PE staff.

All students are expected to bring their PE kit to every lesson even when they are not participating due to illness or minor injury. This allows students to take a more active role in the lesson either as an umpire or assistant coach. It also promotes full integration within the lesson. In the case of extreme injury such as a broken leg, students will not be expected to change. A doctor’s note will be required after 2 weeks.

2.3. Extra-curricular activities

A full range of extra-curricular sports and activities are on offer and all pupils are encouraged to take full advantage of these.

In line with AfPE Guidelines, all pupils taking part in an extracurricular match/fixtures or any optional school sport activity, will require a signed consent form.

Pupils will be transported to and from fixtures / events using the school minibus. Only those staff members that have passed the WCC Approved minibus test will be permitted to drive the vehicle. Two staff members will be present on the minibus at all times.

2.4. Contribution of PE to teaching in other curriculum areas

English: PE contributes to the teaching of English in our school by encouraging pupils to describe what they have done and to discuss how they might improve their performance. It also develops speaking and listening as children listen to and follow instructions and give feedback to peers. In addition, we aim to include PE specific terminology into lessons, which will further develop our pupils vocabulary.

Science: Within PE we promote and encourage a knowledge of how lifestyle choices and human anatomy and physiology can affect sports performance. PE introduces pupils to the Skeletal, Muscular, Cardiovascular and Respiratory systems.

Computing: We use ICT to support PE teaching when appropriate. E.g. in dance and gymnastics pupils are encouraged to make video recordings of their performance, and use them to develop their movements and actions.

PSHE and Citizenship: Pupils learn about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating, and how to make informed choices about these things. Through friendly competition and team work, PE teaches Respect, Trust and Tolerance.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development: The teaching of PE offers opportunities to support the social development of our pupils through the way we expect them to work with each other in lessons. Their mixed ability lessons enable them to develop a respect for other pupils’ levels of ability, and encourages them to co-operate across a range of activities and experiences.

PE at Blackminster aims to ensure that each pupil knows that their contribution in PE and sport is valued and to encourage respect, self-discipline, leadership and uniqueness to develop a life-long appreciation and understanding of physical activity and sport in every pupil.

3. Monitoring of Impact

The Senior Leadership team, PE Leads and subject teachers are responsible for monitoring the standard of the children’s work and the quality of teaching, in line with the school’s monitoring cycle.
Pupils are encouraged to self-evaluate their progress and learning at the beginning and end of each unit of work, referring to the Assessment Criteria utilised by the PE Department.
An annual pupil survey is conducted to ensure the pupils feel supported, adequately challenged and are happy with the activities offered both during curriculum time and as extra-curricular clubs.
The School Games mark award recognises the importance of PE at Blackminster Middle School by reviewing our attendance at competitive events, our commitment to providing 2 hours of PE per week, and the role of our Sports Leaders.